Monday, June 14, 2010

Ty is home from the hospital

It's been a long two days but Ty is home. He ran a fever with some coughing and wheezing Sunday morning. I gave him a breathing treatment in the afternoon which did not help. We started out at urgent care who told us to go straight the ER no stops. We spent 6 hours in the ER waiting to be transferred to a room. 9:30 we got a room. Tyler was having retractions. His respiratory rate was in the 150's, oxygen down around 89, and due to 4 breathing treatments in 1 hour he had a high heart rate. He spent the night on oxygen and around the clock breathing treatments and we were released sometime after 2 pm today. He was a trooper. Due to his age they are not wanting to diagnos asthma but we are all pretty certain that is the case due to my asthma. He has problems everytime a head cold is involved.

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Tracy said...

They wouldn't d/x Sam with asthma during his hospitalization (he turned 2 the week he came home). But the RTs told me that was what they thought. He was officially d/x in December, and he's been on Pulmicort daily since March. He goes to Dr. Clark in Teays Valley. Marci takes her boys there too! I'm glad Ty is home!!