Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well me trio are officially talking up a storm. They were discharged from speech therapy and I was told they were the first set of triplets they had discharged without transfering to the school system. The trio are testing above their level. They can point and label colors as well as count to 10! Such smart babies I have!

Tyler's chin has healed up very nice. It's location hides it very well. I have to point it out for anyone to notice. As he gets older I doubt it will be noticeable at all.

Brock is still having daily temper tantrums and is very strong willed. He won't listen to a think I tell him..haha

Addie is very clingy now. Want's her momma all the time.

Oaklen's grades are improving but I am not sure if he will go onto middle school next year or not. He's struggling in math.