Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our first trip to the ER

Yesterday Ty fell on the hardwoods and busted his chin open. I was home alone and tad bit freaked out cause there was blood everywhere and was unsure what I needed to do. So a few people may have gotten some crazy text messages and voicemail as I called the two nurses in the family first and probably sounded like a frantic lunatic. Adam was in a doctor appointment of his own and got an urgent "get home now!" text. He was able to get here speeding within 10 minutes. By that time I was able to get the bleeding to stop and Tyler was ready to play. He took Ty (and Elmo) to the ER who had him in and out within an hour and half. Adam said Tyler was so well behaved and just let the doctor clean it out and glue it shut. This morning Tyler said it was sore but within and hour into the motrin he was fine and has not complained all day. As if Tyler did not already look exactly like his daddy they will now have matching scars as well.

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